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MOL Announces Delivery of Bulk Carrier Green Winds, 2nd Vessel Equipped with Wind Challenger Hard Sail Propulsion System

July 10, 2024

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Takeshi Hashimoto) today announced that on July 10, the Green Winds, a 63,896 DWT Ultramax bulk carrier equipped with the Wind Challenger hard sail wind power propulsion system (Note 1), was completed at Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (President: Makoto Yamaguchi; Headquarters: Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture). MOL Group company MOL Drybulk Ltd. (President & CEO: Koichi Hirata; Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) will operate this new vessel.

This is the second of a total of nine MOL Group vessels that have been or will be equipped with the Wind Challenger (Note 2), and the world's first crane vessel equipped with the Wind Challenger.

The Wind Challenger is a device developed by MOL and Oshima Shipbuilding that converts wind energy to propulsive force using telescoping hard sails. With the Wind Challenger, the vessel is expected to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by about 7%-16%, depending on the ship route and other conditions*.

* Fuel savings and GHG reductions achieved by the Wind Challenger depend on the ship type, route, and other conditions of the vessel on which it is installed.

Green Winds

MOL has established the "MOL Group Environmental Vision 2.2" and has set the target of achieving net zero GHG emissions by 2050. Among the key strategies to achieve this target are the " further adopt energy-saving technologies," and the group plans to launch 25 vessels equipped with the Wind Challenger by 2030 and 80 vessels by 2035.

MOL Group is proactively expanding its environmentally friendly fleet, which combines wind propulsion technology, such as the Wind Challenger, across a wide range of ship types, and through safe management and efficient operation, it will not only reduce GHG emissions from its own group companies, but also contribute to the decarbonization of society as a whole.

<Outline of the vessel>

LOA/Breadth 199.95m/32.26m
Deadweight tonnage (at summer full load draft) 63,896 tons
Registry Panama
Wind Challenger specifications Height: Up to about 39.5 m (3-tier)
Width: About 11.4 m
Sail material: Fiber Reinforced Plastic

(Note 1) For details, please refer to Wind Challenger | MOL Service Site (

(Note 2) Wind Challenger-equipped vessels in order of delivery (planned)

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MOL Group 5 Sustainability Issues
MOL Group identifies "Sustainability Issues" (Materiality) as our key issues for sustainable growth with society through realization of the Group Vision.
We anticipate this initiative to contribute especially to the realization of "Environment -Conservation for Marine and global environment-" and "Innovation -Innovation for development in marine technology-."