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Stakeholder Engagement

Basic Concept

As one of the world's leading multi-modal companies actively involved in a variety of social infrastructure businesses around the world, the MOL Group aims to provide new value to all stakeholders through the increase of corporate value.
With that aim, the group states highly transparent dialogue with all of our stakeholders in "MOL Group Three Basic Principles of Corporate Governance (Article 3)" and has established a policy for dialogue with our main stakeholders listed below in "MOL Group Corporate Governance Policy (Article 3)".
The group develops business activities in line with social needs by expanding opportunities for dialogues, mainly with our stakeholders listed below, and making use of the valuable insights gained through dialogues in our business management.
And then, through these efforts, we will contribute to solving various social issues.

Main stakeholders Responsibility fulfilled by MOL Main dialogue methods (frequency)*1
Shareholders/ investors We expand corporate value by sustainable growth and return appropriate profit.
We disclose financial and non-financial corporate information in a fair and equitable manner, through a wide variety of communication methods, so it can be properly evaluated by our shareholders and investors.
Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (once a year), financial results briefing sessions (4 times a year), IR meetings in Japan and overseas (about 200 times/year), SR meetings (about 20 times/year), company briefings for individual investors sponsored by investment trust companies (as scheduled, held in September 2022)
Small gatherings with president (general version: 2 times/year, ESG version: once a year)
Small gatherings of ESG Directors (once a year)
Small gatherings with outside directors(as scheduled, held in January 2023)
Sponsorship and presentation at overseas ESG conferences(as scheduled)
Various reports (Securities Report, Corporate Governance Report, MOL Report, Investor Guidebook, etc.) (once a year)
Customers We comply with laws and international rules, make relentless efforts to improve our technological capabilities, and offer high-quality, environmentally conscious services.
We provide necessary information for customers in a timely and appropriate manner, and strive to improve services and build sustainable value chains for our customers, based on requests we receive from them.
Business activities (routine)
Web site, SNS (routine)
MOL Service Website/Inquiry desk (routine)
Ship visits (Cargo handling tours etc.) (anytime)
Various seminars/exhibitions/international conferences (as scheduled)
Business partners We procure in consideration of fair trade, legal compliance, the environment, human rights, safety, and so on, and build sustainable value chains.
In asking our business partners for their cooperation in the MOL Group's initiatives, we strive to expand communication methods with them to further deepen our partnerships.
Shipowners meeting (once a year)
Safe operation liaison meeting with shipowners (once a year)
Agency/stevedore meetings (one-twice a year)
Safe operation campaign (once a year)
Various seminars/exhibitions (as scheduled)
Employees/ Seafarers We strive to develop workplace environment in consideration of industrial safety and health and human right, and cultivate corporate culture that every employee and seafarer can fully demonstrate their capabilities and play active roles.
We lead to growth of both company and them, by providing opportunities of diverse education and challenge, and exchanging opinions about direction of management for all employees and seafarers.
Personnel evaluation meeting (several times a year)
Engagement Survey (more than once a year)
Labor-management consultation (any time)
Advisory service desks (any time)
In-house magazines (printed, web site, etc.) (any time)
Business performance/management workshop (4 times/year)
Dialogue between management and employees (more than 10 times/year)
Seafarer Family Day (once a year)
Safety Conference (3 times/year)
Administrative organs We fulfill obligations as good corporate citizen for legal compliance and tax payment, and contribute to smooth administrative operation and development of maritime industry.
We make deeper understandings of policies and measures through opportunities to exchange opinions with countries and local government to reflect them to our business activities in an appropriate manner, and proactively continue to involve in formulation of transport policies, which contribute to reduction of the environmental impact and sustainable growth.
Exchange opinions with government offices and local governments (any time)
Cooperate for various surveys and questionnaires (any time)
Local communities/ NGOs As a globally growing corporate group, we strive on sustainable growth and promotion of local communities in which the MOL Group involves.
We provide opportunities for two-way communication with communities and NGOs to promote businesses and social contribution activities that meet their needs.
NGO roundtable (once a year)
Social contribution activities in Mauritius (full year)
Beach cleanup activity (several times a year)
Cargo loading/terminal tour (as scheduled)
Accept students' workplace visit, event to introduce business (any time)
Send instructors to lectures and training programs (any time)

*1 Currently, some of our activities are suspended or held online in consideration of the need to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Examples of initiatives

Communication with shareholders and investors

IR meeting/SR meeting

MOL holds IR meeting with investors and analysts about 200 times a year, and SR/engagement meetings with persons of our major shareholders in charge of investment about 20 times a year. At about 25% of those meetings, management (the president or CFO) participate in meetings to make dialogue. We also hold IR meetings overseas where the management themselves hold direct dialogue with investors-about twice a year mainly in Asia and Europe.
Based on opinions from investors and shareholders, we carry forward shifting to management, which weighs more on capital cost and cash flow, review measures for shareholders return, eliminate parent-child listing, strength the governance, reduce cross-shareholdings, and so on.
We are also working to enhance disclosure along with shareholders' opinions, such as disclosure along with TCFD and disclosure of skill matrix.

Communication with customers

Web marketing

MOL Service Web Site

As part of web marketing for customers, MOL is the only comprehensive shipping company to operate a marketing Web site, "MOL Service Web site, to information on our group services. We have also received inquiries about transport and accompanying services from customers in Japan and overseas, via SNS and newsletter we regularly stream. Besides business talks, we also receive requests writing for academic journals, or feedbacks about interesting initiatives and projects of our group. Thus, this is an opportunity for our business partners to recognize MOL as "trusted partner."

Communication with business partners

Shipowners' meeting

MOL holds "Shipowners' meeting" annually as a place of dialogue and social gathering.
In FY2021, we held it online and provided a lecture (content was related to our response to the environmental issues), and also introduced our initiatives on safe operation using ICT and current status in Mauritius (local situation since a year passed from the Wakashio grounding incident).
We received an impression from participants for the lecture: "You explained that the environmental problem is urgent issue, in a very understandable way." They also focused their interest on "remote ship inspection" and "ship inspection app," which were introduced as our initiatives on safe operation using ICT. In addition, we received comments such as "Your initiatives on the environmental protection and support in Mauritius are great" and "I could understand the states and hardships in Mauritius very well." We also received a positive opinion "I will make more efforts on the environmental issue and safety."

Communication with employees and seafarers

Business performance/management workshop

MOL quarterly holds a workshop for Group executives and employees to explain the business environment and performance, and management policy for fiscal year.
At the workshop, we explain details of business environment and performance and also explain results of questionnaire to executives and employees. We also explain focus field and business we picked up based on the times at every workshop.
In addition, this workshop is an opportunity that employees can directly communicate with management including the president. The president himself frankly answers questions and comments from employees.

Labor-management communication

Through proactive dialogue with labor unions (at sea/on land), MOL engages in workstyle reforms and provision of good benefits for employees, and so on.
In FY2022, we expanded the telework system and the system of reduced working hours for childcare and improved the monthly wage increase.
We are akso currently reviewing the personnel evaluation system in response to the request of the labor unions.

Safety Conference

MOL holds "MOL Safety Conference" in the group's major seafarer supply countries including Japan.
At the conference, the president, MOL executives, and other officials perticipates to exchange opinions with seafarers allocated on our operated vessels, through reviewing efforts on safe operation and incidents and accidents.
In FY2022, MOL was able to hold the event face-to-face for the first time in 4 years, although the conference was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
By discussing on the causes of actual accidents and injuries and measures to prevent their recurrence, and by sharing information on our company's efforts to improve living quarters, use ICT, and DX, the participants' safety awareness and engagement were enhanced.

Communication with local communities and NGOs

3rd NGO roundtable

In September 2022, MOL held a roundtable meeting with the attendance of NGOs and experts from a total of nine companies and organizations.
MOL held the event in a hybrid format with both in-person and online participation, and explained our efforts to protect and restore the environment in Mauritius and contribute to local communities, and took the opportunity to introduce the "MOL Sustainability Plan"(Note), which was announced in April 2022. We received a wide range of useful opinions from the participants. Based on their opinions, we have upgraded disclosure about our initiatives in Mauritius on our website.
We will make use of the valuable advice we received, and will continue to seek advice from a wide range of experts to continue to support the environment and people of Mauritius.
We also continually seek out opinions from experts in local communities and NGOs and make every effort to reflect them in our business.

Collaboration with local governments

[ Results of FY2022 ]

For other initiatives on local communities, please browse Corporate Citizenship Activities.
For activities in Mauritius, please visit our dedicated website "MOL for Mauritius".