Sustainable Action By MOL Group

To the future,
with our
'Ocean Planet.'


The sea occupies 71.1% of the earth's surface.
It connects countries around the globe and has given rise
to economic activities that have become
the foundation of humankind's development.
The earth's very potential lies in its oceans.
Our home is indeed an "ocean planet."
If you look at the world from an ocean perspective,
you can see a completely different future.
As a company that has always moved forward with the sea,
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) believe its potential more than anyone.
As a Group, our mission is to draw forth this immense value
shared by humankind and create sustainable growth for societies.
Now is the time for us to think and act outside the box.
MOL will utilize the knowledge we have gained through shipping
to expand the field to social infrastructure companies that originate from the oceans.
When opportunity presents itself, we should take full advantage of it.
Let's build new hope for tomorrow, together.

* Please Note: 'The sea occupies 71.1% of the earth's surface'- is sourced on data from the Chronological Scientific Tables 2022, compiled by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.