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The New World Alliance Announces Transatlantic Service Changes

October 20, 2009

Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Oct 20, 2009 - The New World Alliance (TNWA) carriers - APL, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) and Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) today announced revised capacity and service plans for the Transatlantic trade.

TNWA and Maersk Line have been exchanging space in the Transatlantic trade. The carriers have determined that market conditions require capacity reductions and service rationalization in certain deployments.
Enhancements on other routes will ensure continued service reliability and rapid transit times for shippers.

The changes are detailed below.

ATN/TA3- Maersk Line loop

  • Currently APL and HMM have the space on this loop.
  • From December 2009, the ATN/TA3 service between the US East Coast (USEC) and Europe will be suspended.


  • The USEC-Europe segment of the APX/TA1 will include additional calls at Antwerp and Le Havre.
  • The revised port rotation for this segment will be: Manzanillo-Miami-Jacksonville-Savannah-Charleston-NewYork-Antwerp-Bremerhaven-Felixstowe-Rotterdam-Le Havre-New York-Norfolk-Charleston-Manzanillo-Los Angeles-Oakland.
  • Maersk Line will continue to participate in this loop as a slot charterer.

ATS/TA2- Maersk Line loop

  • The ATS/TA2 rotation will include additional calls at New York, Savannah and Miami. An additional ship will be added to make this a six-vessel loop.
  • The revised rotation will be Houston-Mobile-Norfolk-Rotterdam-Felixstowe-Bremerhaven-New York-Charleston-Savannah-Miami-Houston
  • Currently, APL, HMM, and MOL have the space. After this change, APL and HMM will continue to charter slots.

The changes will reduce existing capacity of the TNWA and Maersk deployments in the Transatlantic by around one-third, while assuring continued reliable high quality service.

The TNWA carriers remain committed to providing customers with high-quality container shipping services in the Transatlantic. The changes will take place after appropriate regulatory filings.


About the New World Alliance

TNWA member lines APL, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL), serve more than 40 ports using in excess of 100 containerships in the major East-West container trades.