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MOL to Update Japan-Russia Service with Weekly Sailings

May 21, 2010

TOKYO - Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL, President: Akimitsu Ashida) today announced plans to upgrade the Japan-Russia route, Japan Trans Siberian Line (JTSL), jointly operated by MOL and Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO, headquarters: Vladivostok) from by-weekly to weekly sailings.

MOL and FESCO are the only ocean shipping companies to provide direct service, between Japan and Russia. Along with the direct service, the companies will launch a new Busan transhipment service to connect Japan and Russia in mid-June and offer Japan-Russia service weekly. These moves will enhance service quality and more effectively meet customer needs.

MOL Executive officer Junichiro Ikeda said, "Russia has been one of the most important emerging countries, and it is one of the markets MOL is focusing on in the new mid-term management plan, GEAR UP! MOL. FESCO and MOL are the only carriers that operate direct service between Japan and the Russian Far East. Our service has been bi-weekly for a long time. We are taking this opportunity to launch the Busan transhipment service and increase our service frequency to weekly sailings."

FESCO Director Dmitriy Maslov commented, "FESCO has been operating JTSL in conjunction with MOL since 1972. It is pleasant to recognize that the cooperation with MOL is longer than with any other foreign partner of FESCO. MOL and FESCO are doing their best to continue services connecting Japan and Russia and increase the cargo flow."

Outline of New/Upgraded Japan-Russia Service

1. Launch of the Busan transhipment service

MOL and FESCO will launch transshipment service in Busan to connect Japan and Russia, using MOL cargo space between Japan and South Korea (in addition to commercial feeder services) and the Korea-Soviet Direct Line service between South Korea and Russia offered by FESCO. This will cover the existing direct-service schedule (every other week) and allow weekly service on the Japan-Russia route.

A.Service using the Japan-South Korea route


  • From Yokohama/from Nagoya - MOL CBE (Japan-Thailand) service
  • From Kobe - Commercial feeder service

Calling port (day)/Service start/departure date

Calling day Service start/departure date
Yokohama Sunday June 13
Nagoya Tuesday June 15
Kobe Monday June 14


  • To Yokohama - To Nagoya - Commercial feeder services
  • To Kobe - MOL CNY (Asia-North America East Coast) service

Calling port (day)/Service start/departure date

  Calling day Service start/departure date
(From Vostochny)
Service start/departure date
(From Vladivostok)
Yokohama Friday June 21 June 23
Nagoya Saturday
Kobe Friday

B.Service using the South Korea-Russia route

1,200 TEU containership
Ports of call:
Busan (Sat) - Vostochny (Mon) - Vladivostok (Tue) - Busan (Sat)

2. Changes to existing direct service

The ports of call order in Japan on JTSL will be changed as follows to a fixed-day weekly schedule instead of every other week.

New service rotation:
Yokohama (Mon) - Nagoya (Tue) - Kobe (Wed) - Moji (Thu)* - Toyama (Sat) - Vostochny (Mon) - Vladivostok (Wed)
(Ref.) Former service rotation:
Toyama - Moji* - Kobe - Nagoya - Yokohama - Vostochny - Vladivostok

* Only one call per month

Start of new rotation:
July 12, 2010, from Yokohama