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Press Release

September 18, 2012

MOL Issues Environmental and Social Report 2012

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL, President: Koichi Muto) today issued the English version of its Environmental and Social Report 2012. The report introduces MOL's approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), its philosophy on protecting the environment and its latest initiatives for stakeholders.

Several affairs, such as "A series of natural disasters occurring around the world, including the Great East Japan Earthquake and flooding in Thailand" "A global economic slowdown triggered by the European debt crisis" and "The public losing faith in institutions due to dysfunctional corporate governance through cruise ship accidents and other failures", raised questions about corporate social responsibility during fiscal year 2011. The events have reaffirmed the societal mission of the MOL Group, which is to support people’s lives and industry around the world.

The special features in this year's report explain the details of MOL’s major CSR initiatives as a shipping company:

Forging Ahead to Become the World Leader in Safe Operation

This special feature outlines how measures to enhance safe operation - which are unique to MOL, including onboard efforts and support from onshore staff - are utilized in actual vessel operation.

Senpaku ISHIN

This section covers the Emerald Ace, launched in June 2012 - the world's first hybrid car carrier equipped with solar panels and lithium-ion batteries - as one of the compilation of "Senpaku ISHIN," the concept of the next-generation vessel with a significantly lower environmental burden.

Global Social Contribution Activities

In this feature, the report introduces the principles of MOL's social contribution efforts and discusses activities worldwide based on those principles.

Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake

This special feature takes an in-depth look at the company’s disaster-response measures and efforts to enhance its risk-management system.

In addition, the report introduces MOL Group businesses from the viewpoint of the reader, explaining how the MOL Group supports people's lives as well as global industry.

The company's goal is to make the MOL Group an excellent and resilient organization that grows sustainably and harmoniously with society while gaining the trust of stakeholders through those efforts.

Outline of MOL Environmental and Social Report 2012

A4 size, 47 pages, English version

*The report is also available online at:

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