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Press Release

March 06, 2013

MOL Safety Conference 2013 Held in 4 Cities
- Forging ahead to become "the world leader in safe operation" -

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President: Koichi Muto) today announced the presentation of the MOL Safety Conference 2013 at the following four cities around the world from mid-February through early March:

Date City (country) No. of participating MOL seafarers
February 13 Mumbai (India)  120
February 19 Zadar (Croatia) 150
February 27 Manila, (The Philippines) 180
March 6 Tokyo (Japan) 70

MOL President Koichi Muto making speech on the Safety Conference

The event opened with a strong message from MOL Chairman Akimitsu Ashida and President Koichi Muto, who said, "Safe operation is key to winning credibility and trust from our customers in the severe business environment surrounding our company. We hope all seafarers-who play key roles on the front lines of vessel operation-further brace themselves to achieve 'Four Zeroes' - zero serious marine accidents, zero oil pollution, zero fatal accidents, or zero cargo damage."

Senior Managing Executive Officer Soichi Hiratsuka (also Director-General of the Safety Operations Headquarters) , other MOL executives and staffs also participated in the conferences, and actively exchanged opinions with seafarers through presentations, group discussions, and so on, focusing on three main themes: "elimination of fatality and injury," "elimination of collision and grounding," and "elimination of machinery troubles resulted in dead ship".

In addition to the conference, on March 5, about 60 executives and staffs took part in a "Hazard experience" training session that replicated various potential risks in onboard operations, and reaffirmed their commitment to accident-free operation.

Since 2007, the MOL Safety Conference has been held annually in the company's main seafarer source nations with the main objectives of explaining safety initiatives and exchanging opinions with seafarers around the world. MOL continues its efforts to become "the world leader in safe operation" through those activities.

Scene of the group discussion at Mumbai

Staff taking part in the Hazard Experience training session

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