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Press Release

January 20, 2015

MOL Develops 'Fe-asy Checker 26' Onboard Test Kit
- Allowing Seafarers to Conduct Safe, Speedy, Simple, Accurate Onboard Analysis of Total Iron Contents, Further Enhancing Operational Safety System -

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, (MOL; President: Koichi Muto) today announced that the company has developed and commercialized an onboard test kit called the "Fe-asy Checker 26," which enables crewmembers to analyze total iron content in scavenging drain oil safely, quickly, simply and with high accuracy.

The "Fe-asy checker 26" can make a highly accurate analysis of total iron content in the scavenging drain (*1) of diesel-powered main engines. The colorimetric method enables extremely accurate analysis of total iron content by using a specific wavelength filter for a photoelectric colorimeter and a special mix of two kinds of reagents. The result is displayed in parts per million (PPM) value.

The test kit box

Mixing reagents

The analysis result is displayed with high accuracy.

Keeping the main engine in peak operating condition is indispensable for safe operation. Optimizing scavenging drain oil, which is one of the key elements, requires careful monitoring of conditions inside the diesel main engine during navigation. In recent years, many instances of low-temperature sulfuric acid corrosion (*2) have been reported due to an increase of design pressure inside the cylinders. This increases the need for measuring not only conventional magnetic iron particles, but also the total iron content including iron ions. Use of the "Fe-asy checker 26" kit will lead to earlier detection of abnormalities by allowing crewmembers to assess the iron content swiftly and accurately.

The company established its own MOL Safety Standards Specifications as part of its comprehensive approach to safe operation. The "Fe-asy checker 26" meets these specifications and will be adopted on MOL-owned/operated vessels that have diesel-powered main engines.

MOL takes a proactive stance in research and development that contributes to safe operation. The company also set forth "Reorganize operational safety system" in its midterm management plan STEER FOR 2020, with the aim of "forging ahead to become the world leader in safe operation." The new analysis kit is one of those initiatives.

The engine (enlarged view) and use of the kit (illustrative purpose only)

[ Outline of Fe-asy Checker 26 ]

Name : "Fe-asy Checker 26"
Developer : Mitsui O.S.K Lines Technology Research Center
Distributor : MOL Techno-Trade, Inc.
Sales agent : Fuji Trading Co., Ltd.
Product composition : photoelectric colorimeter, reagents (2 types), etc.
Characteristics : Crewmembers can analyze the total iron content safely, speedy, simply, and with high accuracy.

*1:Scavenge drain
Oil circulates to lubricate and cool the pistons to ensure the smooth operation of the main engine. Some of the oil is exhausted through the cylinder wall as scavenge oil.

*2:Low temperature sulfur acid corrosion
Water content inside the cylinder can combine with sulfur from the fuel oil to cause corrosion and premature engine wear.

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