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Press Release

October 10, 2018

MOL Adds 2 New Training Sessions to Mariner Safety Education Tool Using VR Goggles
- Seafarers Can Use VR Goggles for Training Scenarios on Cargo Falling from Cranes, Response to Onboard Fires -

ISHIN NEXTTOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Junichiro Ikeda) today announced that it added 2 new training sessions, "cargo falling from cranes" and "response to onboard fires", to its mariner safety education tool goggle, which uses virtual reality (VR) technology created by Tsumiki Seisaku Co., Ltd. (President: Taro Kido, Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo).

The tool enhances seafarers' risk perception by visualizing and virtually experiencing onboard accidents depicted with advanced computer graphics (Note 1) that can occur due to unsafe behavior and by reviewing the accident from another point of view.

The content of the training programs also specifies safety measures to prevent the accident and increase seafarers' awareness of ways to solve the problems in a safe manner. Since the introduction of the VR training system in 2017 (Note 2), MOL takes full advantages of portability of VR goggles to spread VR training session on "preventing accidental falls" to the related ship management companies and vessels all over the world.

MOL added 2 training sessions after a survey on occupational accidents that can be effectively conveyed using visuals and VR goggles. MOL continues to develop additional contents to enhance the effectiveness of its onboard education programs, with the aim of maximizing safety awareness among seafarers and achieving the goal of zero work related accidents.

MOL aims at safe, stable cargo transport by combining the needs for visual experience by seafarers on the front lines of onboard safety and the seeds of technology that will make the company the world leader in safe operation.

VR screen shows an accident involving cargo suspended from a crane.

Learning the proper response to an onboard fire

(Public access may be ended without prior notice.)

(Note 1)

MOL has worked on the use of VR technology with computer graphics and live video for different purposes, as follows:

  • CG – Events such as simulation of onboard accidents that may expose mariners to significant risks if they experience them.
  • Live video – Events that mariners have limited opportunities to experience due to travel time and safety concerns.

Please refer to the July 30, 2018 press release:
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(Note 2)

Please refer to the October 30, 2012 press release:
MOL Develops Mariner Safety Education Tool Using VR Goggles - Using Leading-edge Technology to Eliminate Industrial Accidents -

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