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LNG Carrier for Yamal LNG Project Named LNG DUBHE
-The first LNG carrier out of four built in China for the project-

September 25, 2019

Naming ceremony on September 24

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Junichiro Ikeda) today announced that on 24 September, a naming ceremony for a conventional LNG carrier, jointly ordered by MOL and China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited (China COSCO Shipping), was held at Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. (Hudong)

As many participants in the Yamal LNG project looked on, the newbuilt vessel was named the "LNG DUBHE" at the Hudong shipyard. The vessel was named "LNG DUBHE" after a star in the constellation Ursa Major and is the first of four newbuilding conventional LNG Carriers for the Yamal LNG Project announced at the end of June, 2017 (*1). The LNG DUBHE is scheduled to go into LNG transportation service for the Yamal LNG project following its delivery at the shipyard in Hudong at the end of October.

MOL delivered three ice-breaking LNG carriers(*2) to the Project between 2018 and 2019, which are currently engaged in LNG transportation in the Northern Sea Route. For the time being, LNG DUBHE will be engaged in the transport of the Project's LNG from transshipment terminals in Europe or a location where Ship-to-ship transfer operations (*3) are carried out. 

MOL has been operating 10 LNG carriers built in China for other projects(*4), and LNG DUBHE will be the 11th LNG carrier built in China among our fleet. By taking advantage of the experience gained through these Chinese building projects, as well as the assignment of technical experts to Hudong to form a multinational shipbuilding supervision team made up of approximately 40 members, the LNG carriers for the Yamal project are being built to an outstanding quality level.

MOL will help ensure a stable LNG supply for the Yamal LNG project by completing the construction of four LNG carriers as scheduled and subsequently serving safe LNG transportation. MOL is proactive in acquiring new projects, utilizing its strong relationship with China COSCO Shipping and Hudong(*5), and leveraging its knowledge and experience in international cooperative works.


LNG DUBHE Specifications:

(1) Length 295.0 m
(2) Breadth 45.00 m
(3) Draft 11.50 m
(4) LNG tank Membrane type
(5) Cargo tank capacity 174,000 m3
(6) Shipyard Hudong
(7) Ship management company MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd.
(8) Ownership MOL 50%/China COSCO Shipping 50%

*1 For details, please refer to the 29 June, 2017 press release:
MOL Signs Long-term Charter Contract of 4 LNG Carriers for Russia Yamal LNG Project

*2 For details, please refer to following press releases.
The 9 July,2014 press release:
MOL signs Ship Building Contracts with DSME for ice class carriers
The 19 July,2019 press release:
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*3 For details, please refer to the 27 November,2018 press release:
Yamal LNG Project Ice-Breaking LNG Carrier "Vladimir Rusanov" Completes First Ship-to-Ship Transfer Operation at Norway - Key Step in Utilization of Ice Breaking Vessel for Ship to Ship Operation in LNG Transportation Field -
Ship-to-ship Transfer Operation is being planned to be carried out from this Winter again, even though the location of the opeation has yet to be decided.

*4 For details, please refer to following press releases.
The 3 March,2010 press release:
MOL Signs a Contract for Long-term Charters of LNG vessels by ExxonMobil
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*5 For details, please refer to following press release:
The 7 August,2019 press release:
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The 8 August,2019 press release:
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