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MOL Certified as 2020's White 500 for Outstanding Health and Productivity Management

March 02, 2020

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Junichiro Ikeda) today announced that MOL has been selected as a White 500 Company, in the large enterprise category of the 2020 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program, an initiative by Nippon Kenko Kaigi(*), for two consecutive years.

The Health & Productivity Outstanding Entities Recognition Program examines enterprises for working to overcome health-related challenges in regional communities or for promoting health-conscious activities led by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, and recognizes enterprises for outstanding efforts in health and productivity management. In the health management survey that was used in the selection process, MOL was ranked within the top 20% in overall evaluation among total 2,328 applied enterprises.

MOL aims to establish a sound, energetic, innovative organization, become the world leader in safe operation, and develop the MOL Group into "an excellent and resilient organization that leads the world shipping industry," by supporting mental and physical health of every employee.

[Main initiatives for promotion of health and productivity management]

  • Supported the health of all employees, including those on sea duty and those working overseas, from both physical and mental aspects, while cooperating with various concerned parties such as the Human Resources Division, occupational health staff such as industrial doctors, public health nurses, and clinical psychotherapists, as well as health insurance societies.
  • Presented health-related lectures on the themes of sleeping and meals, along with health checkup events aimed at improving employees' health, basing on employees' responses to a questionnaire on health.
  • Launched workstyle reforms including "free address" (hot-desking) to create a workplace environment where every employee can work energetically

(*) The Nippon Kenko Kaigi is an organization that takes practical actions, in collaboration with private organizations and with full administrative support, to ensure longer, healthier lifespans and to provide appropriate medical care, targeting individuals in Japan, a country facing a dramatically advancing aging society with a low birthrate. The organization aims to encourage workplaces and communities to achieve specific measures to overcome health-related challenges in collaboration with private organizations, e.g., economic associations, medical-care associations and insurers, and municipalities.