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Capesize Bulker "Wakashio" Aground off Mauritius (Update 8)

September 01, 2020

Tokyo-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President: Junichiro Ikeda) as the Charterer of Capesize Bulker "Wakashio", are doing everything possible to support the efforts of Owner and Manager, Nagashiki Shipping Co. Ltd. (Nagashiki) and their appointed teams in mitigating the effects of the spill. MOL deplores any incident of oil pollution and continues to offer support to all involved in the response.

Wakashio went aground off Mauritius on July 25, and the bunker oil has leaked out on August 6, and the vessel broke apart on August 15. The forward part of the hull has sunk within the Mauritian territorial waters on August 24. Team of experts and local Authority are discussing about the safe removal plan of the stern part of the hull.

[ Provision of goods and dispatch of personnel ]

In order to support activities in Mauritius as charterer, we have dispatched personnel and provided supplies as follows.

  • Equipment necessary for oil cleaning arranged by MOL have arrived by air on August 23. Additional supplies, such as protective suits, masks, and oil adsorbents, also arrived on site on August 26. In addition, further supplies are on the way and expected to arrive around September 3.
  • With the aim of supporting local fisheries, MOL has arranged a reefer container (*1) to store seafood until shipment, which is scheduled to arrive on around September 11.
    Image of reefer container
  • On August 29 and 30th, six additional MOL employee has arrived in Mauritius for the purpose of cooperating with the authorities, collecting information, preventing the spread of oil pollution, and supporting oil spill recovery.
  • Due to the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, area of activity is restricted for 14 days after entry, but efforts are being made to gather information, discussing with relative parties, and considering specific action plans. As for the first group, restrictions have been lifted, so they are expanding the range of activities.

(*1) Refrigerated Container capable of controlling temperature and used for transporting fresh food such as meat, fish, and vegetables as well as refrigerated and frozen products.

[ Change of Organization to set up a specialized team to support Mauritius ]

  • Establishment of "Mauritius Environmental and Social Contribution Team"
    On September 1, MOL will establish "Mauritius Environmental and Social Contribution Team" within the Corporate Planning Division specializing in environmental restoration efforts in Mauritius, support for local communities, and liaison with the authorities and local communities regarding Mauritius' environmental and social contributions. The team consists of 3 employees dedicated to this team, and 10 employees who has multi roles.

    In the short term, the new team will focus on arranging logistics of necessary equipment for oil spill recovery and removal work. On a longer term, the team will seek for plans to restore the environment and contribute to the local community in Mauritius by coordinating with experts who has knowledge about the natural environment and its conservation activities.

    In order to promote the above activities, a specialized team was set up in order to advance cooperation and response to the relevant authorities and parties.
  • Establishment of the Mauritius Representative Office

    The Mauritius Representative Office is scheduled to be established in October this year for the purpose of cooperation and responses with relevant authorities and communities in Mauritius.

MOL will continue to work with the relevant authorities of Mauritius and Japan to mitigate the situation as soon as possible together with the shipowners.