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MOL Statement on the Russian-Ukrainian Situation

March 07, 2022

MOL is deeply distressed and concerned about the Russian-Ukrainian situation, and sincerely hopes that the efforts underway among all parties concerned for a peaceful solution will come to a conclusion as quickly as possible.

We are developing a variety of social infrastructure businesses, mainly in the shipping industry, with the aim of supporting people's lives around the world and opening up a prosperous future. We aim to deliver new value to all stakeholders, including shareholders, business partners, employees, and local communities, and to become a strong and resilient corporate group that grows on a global scale. It is our company's social responsibility to transport energy resources and other goods that are essential to people's daily lives. While giving priority to ensuring the safety of our crews, cargos, and vessels, we continue our work to provide reliable transportation services.

In compliance with the international community's coordinated sanctions against the Russian Federation, and in accordance with the policy of the Japanese government, we will respond appropriately while continuing our consultations with various parties, including our business partners. Therefore, at the direction of President & CEO Takeshi Hashimoto, we have established a task force across the company. We will continue to collect and analyze information on a daily basis in order to respond quickly to changing situations.

MOL strongly supports all diplomatic efforts to restore peace and will cooperate in humanitarian assistance activities through donations to International aid organizations like the Red Cross and UNHCR.

There are no current plans to change the business forecast and year-end dividend policy for the fiscal year ending in March 2022 from those announced on January 31, 2022.