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MOL Selected for 'Nadeshiko Brand' for 3rd Consecutive Year, Reflecting Measures to Encourage Women's Workplace Success

March 22, 2023

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Takeshi Hashimoto) today announced the company has been selected as a "Nadeshiko Brand" for the third consecutive year under a joint initiative by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TES) to promote women's success in the workplace.

The initiative aims to introduce investors to TSE-listed enterprises that make noteworthy efforts to help women succeed in the workplace and accelerate the initiatives of each company, making these enterprises attractive investment targets that emphasize improving mid- and long-term corporate value. This is the third consecutive year that MOL was selected, although the selection process has become more stringent compared to the previous year due to integration of industry categories in the brand selection and a reduction in the number of certified companies (from about 50 in the previous fiscal year to about 20).

Based on its Diversity & Inclusion Management Basic Policy, established in April 2021, MOL Group has supported an improved balance of work with various life event such as childcare and nursing care according to each life stage, promoted training plans for female managers as future management candidates, and teamed up with other companies to co-sponsor a presentation to mark "International Women's Day" designated by the United Nations. Through these measures, the group has continued to implement various initiatives related to the promotion of women's empowerment and more active participation in the workplace.

In September 2022, MOL President & CEO Hashimoto endorsed the objective of the "Women's Empowerment Principles" (Note 1) and signed a statement to act based on those principles. The same month, Hashimoto joined the "Male Leaders Coalition for Empowerment of Women" (Note 2), an initiative of Japanese Cabinet Office. MOL top management proactively communicates the promotion of expanded workplace participation for women, both internally and externally.

MOL Group will continue to create a workplace environment and corporate climate in which every employee can maximize their enthusiasm and vitality and combine their diverse personalities and abilities.

'Nadeshiko Brand' award ceremony
(Back row, fourth from right is Junko Moro, MOL Managing Executive Officer)

(Note 1)
The UN Global Compact and the UN Women's Development Fund have jointly developed a set of seven principles to promote the empowerment of women in the workplace. Companies that endorse the principles are required to follow them and promote more active participation for women in the business world. More than 7,000 companies worldwide have endorsed the principles.

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October 24, 2022, press release: MOL Signs 'Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs)'

(Note 2)
"Male Leaders Coalition for Empowerment of Women," which was formulated by an initiative of the Cabinet Office, is a group of corporate executives and others who are committed to promoting initiatives in line with the "Declaration of Action" for advancing gender equality and women's empowerment, and accelerating efforts in companies and other organizations by building a network among participants to share issues and the measures to address them. The coalition currently has about 300 participants, including business executives, prefectural governors, and other business leaders.

Male Leaders Coalition for Empowerment of Women
October 24, 2022, press release: MOL CEO Joins Japanese Government-led 'Male Leaders Coalition for Empowerment of Women'

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MOL Group will contribute to realizing a sustainable society by promoting responses to sustainability issues, which are identified as social issues that must be addressed as priorities through its business.
We anticipate this initiative to contribute especially to the realization of "Human & Community -Contributing to the growth and development of people and communities-".