MOL Marine Consulting (MOLMC), an MOL Group Corporate company, carries out training courses for Captains and Deck Officers using the latest Ship Handling Simulator. The programs MOLMC offers to MOL's global network of training centers are up-to-date and adapted to meet the challenges of modern day navigation. The programs also have a strong safety emphasis, in line with MOL's THINK-SAFETY campaign.

No.1 Ship's Bridge Simulator

No.2 Ship's Bridge Simulator

MOLMC, in cooperation with SFG of MOL, provides cutting edge BRM training for all members of the MOL group. From time to time, MOLTC instructors visit MOLMC to exchange information and update the programs used.

For Safe Navigation
The bridge simulator training allows you to experience standard ship maneuvering of many different kinds, and also push the limits of your ship-handling ability. In addition to basic training, there is also training for critical or emergency situations under both extraordinary natural conditions (very strong winds and currents, etc.) and equipment malfunction situations (steering failure, loss of engine power, etc.).

Bridge Simulator's Monitor room

Ship-handling Course
To address the problem faced by larger ships, where there is less opportunity for on-board training, we provide effective and realistic ship-handling courses supervised by our own professional instructors. Trainees are able to acquire and consolidate a range of handling skills and theories, under both familiar and unfamiliar conditions, and learn the limits that apply to different types of vessels in different environments.

BRM/BTM Course
The BRM (Bridge Resource Management) course specifically targets the skills necessary for safe navigation and the prevention of accidents through human error. This sophisticated training course also places the attendees in a series of extreme situations, forcing them to develop and use their full range of BRM skills, including situational awareness, leadership, communication, problem solving and decision making.

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