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Excerpt from Ryohei Yanagihara's Museum of Ships
Issued on July 25, 1985
By Toyo Keizai Shimpo Sha
From Unabara,
MOL's in-house magazine,
October 1978 issue
From Unabara,
MOL's in-house magazine,
December 1969 issue
Artist Ryohei Yanagihara
1931 : Born in Tokyo.
1954 : Joins Kotobukiya (today's Suntory), assigned to the advertising department. Together with Ken Kaiko and Hitomi Yamaguchi (Both were famous authers in Japan), produced TV commercials featuring Uncle Torys, which dominated the minds of viewers.
1959 : Leaves Suntory; has since been active as a freelance artist.
1965 : Honorary Chief Officer of MOL.
1969 : Honorary Captain of MOL.
Produces the Alligator mark, the mascot of MOL's container service.