Senpaku ISHIN -History holds the key to the future-

MOL vessels reflect constant innovation. Always looking for the next development, we have a taken sure and steady approach to envisioning vessels that are one step ahead of the times.Why do we go to such great lengths in our focus on vessel technologies?
Because our top priority is to provide safe, reliable transport of the cargo entrusted to us by our customers, while caring for the global environment. Toward this end, we work closely with shipbuilders and ship machinery manufacturers to jointly develop vessels that meet our uncompromising standards.
Our approach is reflected by the words "Senpaku ISHIN." Senpaku is a Japanese term for "vessel", and ISHIN is the Japanese word for a complete revitalization or reform. We also interpret ISHIN as "Innovations in Sustainability backed by Historically proven, INtegrated technologies." for this project. On the following Websites, we'll introduce some of the innovative approaches we've taken to ship development, and offer a glimpse at what we think is possible in the very near future.