MOLTC (Montegro)

MOLTC (Montenegro)

MOL established the MOL Training Centre (Montenegro) in Montenegro - part of the former Republic of Yugoslavia in September 2002 in cooperation with AZALEA MARITIME B/V. It is the core Training Centre in Europe for MOL's European seafarers.

Primary Bridge simulator

Secondary Bridge Simulator


The Centre has developed different training programs to meet mandatory and competency requirement in the industry. The Centre is equipped with a Full-Mission Ship Handling Simulator that is used both for Bridge Team / Resource Management training and for other such as Radar / ARPA, Ship handling etc.

The first stage of Simulator upgrade was done in April 2004 and the second will be done in December 2007. A second bridge, with appropriate hand on equipment, as the third stage, has been installed in June 2008.

In addition, the Centre has launched ERM (Engine Room Resource Management) course in 2007, that is, in concept, similar BRM so that the engineers can certainly comprehend the concept of resource management and ensure team management onboard.

The Centre is striving to establish BERM (Marine Resource Management) course. The link (communication) between the Bridge Simulator and the Engine Simulator has already been completed.

Engine Room Team Management

The Centre has STCW training facilities, such as Lifeboat, Life Raft, Fire-Fighting and Medical First Aid / Care training, which are accredited by the government. Rescue operation is also available.

Lifeboat Facility

Lathe Machine

In practical training, the Centre has established a workshop which can offer various training courses according to the demand. The workshop is equipped with 3 Lathe machines, 1 Milling machine, 2 Drilling machines, 2 Grinding machines, 6 Arc welders, 3 Gas welders and so on. These courses are conducted by experts in practical training and they have a long experience on Lathe, Welding machines and maintenance onboard.

Gas Welding & Cutting

The participants can improve their skills and safety awareness and also have a good opportunity to learn proper procedures with machine operation.

Furthermore, a diesel generator plant including switchboard and water resister is under construction in the workshop. It will be used for familiarization with the maintenance of diesel engine and electric circuits.

An MOL-developed Full-Mission Double Hull Oil Tanker Simulator, which was installed in April 2007, is available to raise the skills of seafarers sailing onboard tankers.

The Centre is going on to take in the proactive training to make a large contribution to the safe operation corresponding to MOL policy. Cadet program, which was started in 1997, are leaving effect steadily and 1st seafarers that joined as cadets in 1997 will be promoted to Captain and Chief Engineer soon.

The Centre is vital to train not only MOL but also non MOL seafarers in Europe.

Double Hull Tanker Simulator

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