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Hello, this is Ryohei Yanagihara. Thank you very much for your visit to this museum.
In 1948, what were you doing? Many of you were not even born, I am sure. It was the year I visited O.S.K. Line (today's MOL) for the first time. As a ship-happy boy, I wrote letters to many shipping lines. The warmest response came from OSK. The ship-happy boy grew into a ship-happy young man, then into a ship-happy middle aged, and into what I am now.
For over a half century since, I have drawn many pictures of ships. If I may boast a little bit of them, my ship pictures may look just casual sketches, but in fact they are based on real blueprints. This makes me a ship-happy artist, not just an artist.
This museum displays cutout art works which are full of my emotion. In the library, you will find my essays which, I am sure, will make you understand what my emotion is like. There are a lot more of works by this artist, ship-happy for over a half century. I will add more to the exhibits and fill the library racks. Do look forward to them.
Thank you.

April 1, 2003