Corporate Citizenship Activities

Basic Concept of Corporate Citizenship Activities

One of the MOL Group's sustainability issues (materiality) is " Human & Community-Contributing to the growth and development of people and communities," and we strive to coexist with everyone involved with the Group and promote the sustainable development and promotion of local communities. These activities are part of that initiative.

MOL Group Policy on Corporate Citizenship Activities

Under the Corporate Mission of "From the blue oceans, we sustain people's lives and ensure a prosperous future," one of the group's codes of conduct is to take the initiative in addressing issues faced by society and to act responsibly.
We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the achievement of UN-designated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by earnestly engaging in corporate citizenship activities in addition to social contributions through our core business to address various issues facing society.

In terms of specific activities, we have set "marine environment," "biodiversity," and "human resources development" as priority areas, and develop activities suited to each country and region in which we are involved in our business. In addition, we strive to promote and improve the Group's corporate citizenship activities by disclosing the details of our activities and communicating with society.

Established in May 2010
Revised in September 2022

Priority Areas

As a group engaged in ocean shipping and offshore businesses, we believe that our mission for ourselves and for future society is to work for the conservation of the marine environment, including biodiversity. At the same time, we recognize the importance of communicating that the maritime industry is an essential social infrastructure supporting our daily lives. Based on this belief, the group has set "marine environment," "biodiversity," and "human resources development" as priority areas, and proactively works on these issues by deepening cooperation with related NGOs, NPOs, and other organizations, local communities, research institutions, and others. We also intend to accumulate knowledge in these fields and pass it on to the next generation.

Organizational Structure to Promote Corporate Citizenship Activities

Led by the Environment & Sustainability Strategy Division in cooperation, the group implements corporate citizenship activities in cooperation with other related divisions of MOL and MOL Group companies in Japan and overseas. Major initiatives are deliberated by the Sustainability Committee, a subordinate body of the Executive Committee, creating a system that puts these activities under the supervision of the Board of Directors.

The MOL Group's Main Corporate Citizenship Activities

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Marine Environment

Human Resources Development

Welfare, Assistance to Developing Countries

Year Activities Nation
FY2022 Transport of mobile library vehicles South Africa
Transport of donated children's shoes Zambia
Transport of fire engines, etc. Paraguay
FY2021 Transport of fire engines, etc. Paraguay
Transport of donated children's shoes Zambia
FY2020 Ocean transport of donated children's shoes Zambia
Transport of fire engines, etc. Paraguay

Assistance to Affected Areas

Supporting Activities in Mauritius

MOL established MOL (Mauritius) Ltd. in 2020 to restore and preserve the natural environment and support local communities in Mauritius, and proactively interacts with the local community in Mauritius.

For activities in Mauritius, please visit our dedicated website

MOL for Mauritius
MOL for Mauritius

Costs of Social Contribution Activities

Details of Corporate Citizenship Activities. Amount for FY2022
Cash donations ¥126,153,316
Providing relief supplies/services ¥0
Employees' volunteer activities during working hours ¥805,168
Other* ¥16,674,448
Total ¥143,632,932

* Indirect costs necessary for Corporate Citizenship Activities.